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Sunway College AUSMAT 2012 ;)

Hi boys and girls! I'm here to update myself teehee! :)

Sorry for not updating cause as you know I'm big girl already! :) 18 years old although it is not officially 18 yet and I'm a college student now! I'm so busy with all the college stuff.

I PASSED MY CAR TEST PEOPLES!! I'm officially a P license driver now. Remembering the first day I took my license, I drive my siblings out and drive around my garden. I almost knock down 3 cars in 10 minutes -.- And my brother felt dizzy and vomiting after sitting my car fml.


Tomorrow daddy will train me drive to highway, so good luck to the cars out there ;)

I registered myself into Sunway College Australian Matriculation Program for January intake 2012 ;) And I just had my orientation on 5th and 6th January which is yesterday and the day before yesterday!! It is really boring for me. Surprisingly Sher Win is with the same course as me but we're taking different subjects!! She is getting into commerce now. I'm back to the normal, sciences :) Biological sciences, chemistry, physics and not forget mathematics and english too. Well I just came to a decision to take physics today cause firstly I'm not sure whether I'm really getting into medicine, second, physics gonna be my back up subjects since only 4 higher scored subjects counted in ATAR ;)

Okay I guess you guys won't understand what I'm talking about, but I wish my blog can give some idea and clearer mind to those readers who wanna enroll themselves into this course.
(You can skip this if you're not interested.)

Basically this course is strongly recommended if you want to further your studies in Australia because it is considered as Year 12 in Australia. It is equivalent Form6 in Malaysia. AUSMAT is a 10 months courses and it is slightly easier compared to A-levels. Our assessment is based on 50% course work (assignments, presentations, topical tests etc) and 50% external examinations (We are going to sit the exactly same exam papers as Year 12 students in Australia). We are so special cause the exam papers have to sit aeroplane HAHA.

Only 5 credits needed to this course (forecast result accepted) and the average fees in Sunway College is around 23k plus minus. We have to add up textbooks, student guide books, lab fees, lockers etc. FYI, a calculator for Mathematics 3C/3D already cost us RM530 FML FML FML! Ohya btw it is compulsory for all students to take 5 subjects and 3 compulsory subjects, Malaysian studies, Moral studies and BM ( exceptional case if you got a credit in actual SPM ). Think twice before you take this course cause you can't go UK I guess.

For more information I think I will talk about it after the class commence which is Monday! Can't wait!!!

Hehe back to the orientation day!!!
I love the library a lot, just like my dream library you know? We have different feelings when we're in a college! Nobody cares about you, you can wear whatever you want and I even texting with Carmen XD. I'm so glad that I can still meet Carmen and Kok Dong! They brought me fun seriously!! We have to contact each other every break and lunch HAHA since we're in different courses. I really do hope that we got similiar timetable so sometimes we can shop at Sunway Pyramid teehee! Love you all sunway sister gang <3

There is Cempakan there too, Sher Win, Vincy, Yee Queen, Ting Yao and EA student Woei Chyi LOL. Kind of fun meeting them! The first day of orientation we did nothing much. Some crap talks in the morning. After break, AUSMAT students forced to go home earlier cause the air conditioners are not working -.-

Met some new friends after the I AM ME profiling session! They separated us into 4 groups which are D,I,S,C groups and I'm placed in the I GROUP. All the members there have the similiar personality and I can get along with them very soon. I'm not the shy Amanda Law anymore :p I'm glad that I managed to calm myself down and helped to decorate the posters of our group identity. There's some of them like don't really wanna talk and don't contribute anything. They are really friendly!!

I think that's all for this post. College life starting soon on Monday. I'm so looking forward for my brand new college life and I really do hope I can cope with everyone and adapt to the new environment! *no conflicts please!* Hope my timetable won't be that pack and I will study like a nerd I swear!!! Pre-U is important, aim high, shoot high.

YOU CAN MAKE MIRACLES HAPPEN AMANDA LAW. You can be one of the ATAR 99.9 student. :)

With love,

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